Our Focus




Ventures with core technical entrance barrier

Cutting-edge technologies that can compete in the global market

Aim for Global /
Go abroad

Business models that can grow beyond the domestic market and compete globally

Ventures that can take advantage of the domestic experiences to facilitate their global expansion

Stand-alone / Independent

Venture that can stand alone, independent of conglomerate value-chain

Businesses that can display organic growth


Place more weight on long-term scalability, not on short-term business metrics

Invest aggressively in businesses showing exponential growth


By industry
InterVest displays excellent performance by identifying and investing in promising ventures in both ICT and biotech/healthcare industries.


1 Artificial Intelligence
Ventures with the cutting-edge AI technology to innovate human life and disrupt various industrial fields through reinforcement learning
2 Fintech
Ventures building fundamentally better and more inclusive experiences for consumers in banking, lending, insurance, and investing
3 Metaverse
Ventures providing an immersive experience composed of virtual worlds, gaming and decentralized commerce
4 Energy/ESG
Ventures exploring brand-new materials and pioneering business opportunities in next generation battery, fuel-cells, and hydrogen/carbon-neutral
5 Semiconductor
Ventures that are key to the ecosystem, including next-generation non-memory semiconductor design, production, fabrication, and design houses.
6 Consumer/Platform
Ventures that build and scale businesses that reinvent the way of living with strong network effect
7 Mobility
Ventures that can realize most efficient and fastest way to travel through enabling technologies
8 Smart Society
Ventures with core technologies to improve interconnectivity and interoperability among different forms of business and economic units in the midst of data proliferation
9 Space Tech
Ventures that leads New Space paradigm with data acquisition and data analysis capabilities using micro-satellites
10 DeFi / CeFi
Ventures with advanced smart contract and DeFi engineers, and a group of financial experts to launch decentralized financial services for both Web 2.0 and 3.0 users.
11 NFT / X2E
Ventures that can deliver non-fungible assets with utilities beyond speculation and structure a well-defined tokenomics


1 Novel Modalities and Platforms
Advancement of disruptive science and technology
Waves of new therapeutics to tackle diseases once considered intractable
2 Deep Change by Big Data & AI
Convergence of biopharma industry and big data & AI is dramatically increasing efficiency and extending the limit of data collection to unprecedented boundaries
Big data & AI-driven biotechnology is transforming all aspects of bio/healthcare value chains, giving way to new attractive markets
3 Genome-Based Precision Medicine
The paradigm shift of drug development from “one-size-fits-all” medicine to gm shift of drug development from ng ight Time” – namely, Precision Medicine
Breakthrough in the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) enables genome-based precision medicine to become increasingly more prevalent by incorporating individual genetic information into clinical care
By region
InterVest invests in startups in Republic of Korea, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, etc.), and the United States.